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The economical and social development is featured by an exponential growth of new scientific knowledge today. Informatics and Information Technology (IIT) are playing the key role. They boost the development of all scientific branches, with the creation of new methodological base to make research and development. The development time decreases, the traditional theoretical and experimental abilities are extended broadly, and so on. Informatics has developed to be an autonomous scientific area, which supports the success not only in the branch of information technologies, but has wide consequences to the lives of individuals and society.

Research, development or other creative activity in the field of knowledge, in the area defined as "informatics and information technology", contributes significantly to the fulfillment of the mission of the faculty. Based on the long-term development plan of the faculty, this set out as a priority the following tasks:

  • continue to solve the grant tasks within the projects acquired in the previous period;
  • to prepare project proposals and to apply for new projects, especially in calls of the Slovak Research and Development Agency (SRDA), the Scientific Grant Agency of the Slovak Republic and the Cultural and Educational Grant Agency of the Slovak Republic, as well as international cooperation programs;
  • continue to cooperate in research with informatics and information technologies development workplaces in Slovakia and abroad;
  • involve students, especially second- and third-degree students in research activities.