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STU has established the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology (FIIT) with the vision of her being a leading institution in the fields of informatics and information technologies (IIT), recognized at home and abroad based on results achieved in science, education and in collaboration with practice. Although FIIT is a new faculty, STU has a long-term experience in IIT education and research and has achieved a number of significant results. STU has an accredited study field Informatics at the 1st and 2nd level of study and several scientific fields in which PhD studies in the field of IIT are carried out. Informatics is the only study field at STU, which also has an international accreditation by the internationally recognized professional organization British Engineering Council UK (IET Accreditation Committee). Department of Informatics and Computer Science FEI STU ensured these activities until the establishment of FIIT. The staff of this department forms the basis of FIIT STU staff that works on accredited study programs.

FIIT STU staff has practical experience of building a three-level study, including its international accreditation. They also have good experience and knowledge of development of a curriculum recognized by international organizations. The knowledge gained was fully applied in the content of the submitted study programs and study organization itself.

The faculty offers accredited study programs (in accordance with Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education) respecting the economic and social development of the society. FIIT graduates can apply on the domestic and international labor markets.

FIIT STU also has study programs accredited by the British Engineering Council UK.

The organization of university studies at the STU is based on a credit system. Credit study system uses credit collection and transfer. Students are able to evaluate the burden associated with the completion of study program units through credits