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Institute of Informatics, Information Systems and Software Engineering

The main mission of Institute of Informatics, Information Systems and Software Engineering is:

  • to contribute to the mission of Slovak University of Technology and the mission of Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies in the range of its competences in areas bounded by and related to informatics and software engineering; among related areas, it is oriented especially to artificial intelligence in research of knowledge approaches in solving problems of informatics and software engineering, and to information systems respecting their close relation to typical problem domains in software engineering.

    Within the mission, the institute especially

  • contributes through its research to development of knowledge in the areas of science and technologies belonging to mentioned areas,

  • provides successful and high-quality study programmes in areas of its competences at each of the three levels of university education, in which
    • graduates of the first level will be excellently prepared for set up at Slovak and European labour market as those able to take care of themselves by their own business and create possibilities of work for others; or those able to find a job without any problems,
    • graduates of the second level will acquire competences and abilities to be leaders of specialists teams with deep expert knowledge and ability of high creativity,
    • graduates of the third level will be able to bring new original solutions of complex problems with the highest rate of innovation

Members of Institute of Informatics, Information Systems and Software Engineering fulfils the mission by research activities relevant both in national and international context, and by extending, deepening and improving the offer of provided education to students at all three levels of university studies.

The institute endeavours actively to co-operate – including interdisciplinary research and studies – with other similar institutes, institutions and departments of its Faculty, its University, in Slovakia, in Europe and throughout the world.

The institute aims to be the leading Slovak institution in areas of its competences with ambitions to influence positively their development. The institute is conscious of its high responsibility to the public and it provides expert services to it, hence improving life of the town, the region, the country and the mankind. The institute looks for synergies with industry and enterprise community, and jointly tries to raise research and education in the areas of informatics and information technologies.