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The IIT research has two parts - the IIT itself and the methods and facilities of IIT they are applied to other areas of research. Moreover, there is an IIT application within the life of our society.

The research-orientation at the created Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology is based on this knowledge. The crucial fact are the people of the previous Department of Informatics and Computer Technics (KIVT) of FEI STU, they are the base of human potential of new FIIT STU, including these research activities of KIVT:

  1. The methods and tools for security and administration of network and mobile computer systems.
  2. Collaborative access, analysis and presentation of documents in the world-wide-web by the use of modern software tools.
  3. Information development in distributed environment of intelligent agents.
  4. The use of computer graphics in virtual and augmented reality systems.
  5. “echo state” neural networks and recurrent neural networks.
  6. Application of evolutionary algorithms in theory of multiagent systems.
  7. The design methods and tools for application-specific digital systems.
  8. Parallel systems for real-time computing.
  9. Formal methods and tools for design and description of digital systems.
  10. Fault-tolerant high-speed parallel and distributed computer structures.

The research activity is implemented mostly by projects. The most important projects are the international projects for science and applied science, including the education-support projects of European Union. Besides the funding, these research activities are a chance to get the pedagogical and scientific knowledge, hence they will be followed in the next time.

An important part of research activity is the research included by the master and PhD study.