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Tvorivá výskumná činnosť na fakulte sa orientuje na tieto oblasti:

Representing and Reusing Software Knowledge

Software Comprehension and Quality

Interrelating and Visualizing Heterogeneous Software Knowledge, Multidimensional Software Modeling, Agile and Lean People, Organization, Software Processes, Social Connotations, Software Product Lines and Variability, Software Patterns

Intent Comprehensibility, Use Case Driven Modularization, Advanced/Aspect-Oriented Modularization, Software Quality, Refactoring, Automated Testing and Continuous Revisions, Software Modeling Beyond Software Development, Education for Software Development and Supported by Software Development, Visualization of Software Properties

Research area details

Research area details

Communication Networks

Information and Cyber Security

Content delivery, Internet of Things, Mobile Networks, Open Networking Foundation, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, 5G ecosystem

Computer Security, Risk Analysis, Security Standards, Security Model, Security Mechanisms, ISO/IEC 27000, Public Key Infrastructure, Access Control, Mobile Networks, Routing

Research area details

Research area details

Embedded Systems

Computer Vision and Computer Graphics

Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Increased Reliability, Fault Tolerance, Security, Hard Real-Time Systems, Programmable Hardware, Low-Power Devices

Medical Imaging, Object Detection and Object Recognition in 2D / 3D, Visual Attention Prediction, Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications, Big Data Visualization

Research area details

Research area details


Smart Mobility - Automotive

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, blockchains interoperability, asset sharing blockchain platforms

Development of intelligent sensors and communication architectures in the environment of smart transport primarily for the purpose of developing safety systems and associated interconnectivity.

Research area details  

Intelligent Big Data Analysis

Real-time analysis and data processing which utilize artificial intelligence in area of genomic medicine and precision oncology.