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admission procedure
for doctoral study in academic year 2017/18

Degree study programmes

    Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology SUT in Bratislava offered study in these doctoral degree study programmes in academic year 2017/18:

    • Applied Informatics (in course degree 9.2.9 Applied Informatics)
    • Intelligent Information Systems (in course degree 9.2.6 Information Systems)


Deadline for application forms

  • till May 31, 2017


Process of an application form posting

  • Applicants can apply for studies in two ways:
    1. electronically
    2. or by sending the filled-in paper application form without entering the electronic application.

  • e-application - dully filled-in application is to be printed, signed by an applicant and sent via post to the relevant study department together with other required documents.
    Electronic application system will guide the applicant in process of submitting his/her application.
    Read the instructions for filling.
    Registration is opened form April 4, 2017.
  • by mailing an application form along with the enclosures and the copy of fee receipt to the address:
    • Študijné oddelenie
      FIIT STU v Bratislave
      Ilkovičova 2
      842 16 Bratislava 4
      Slovenská republika


Doctoral theses


Documents required

    Applicant has to send filled application form and these required documents:

    1. a letter of motivation
    2. a draft of the thesis (1-2 pages)
    3. an official transcript of university diploma, certificate of state examination and certificates of other achievements
    4. a list of the graduated courses within the university studies including study results (grades and individual achievements confirmed by the faculty) or the official transcript of supplement to the diploma
    5. a curriculum vitae
    6. a list of published and unpublished works, with expertises (if they were elaborated) and list of other research and artistic activities results

    Applicant also encloses a copy of fee receipt.
    Documents attached to application form will be kept at the Academic Department of the faculty and not be sent back.

    General Admission Requirements


Admission fee

  • 50 € - for study in english language
  • Process of the admission fee payment: bank transfer
    account number (IBAN): SK83 8180 0000 0070 0008 5552
    variable symbol: the number assigned by the electronic application system
    or 3101, in case of not electronic applying
    constant symbol: 0558
    in the "Message to the recipient", the candidates have to state their name and surname

    The proof of admission fee payment is neccesary to send along with the application form to the address of the faculty or deliver together with the application form to faculty studies department.

    Tuition fee and study-related fees for actual academic year >>>


Entrance exam

    June 29, 2017

    The entrance exam is written and oral.

    For students from abroad are the same professional requirements as for domestic students.

    Doctoral candidates demonstrate knowledge of the relevant field of study in the admission procedure. They also presents the dissertation project thesis in the context of achieving knowledge.

    Candidate receives the updated information of the entrance examination along with an invitation to the entrance exam. Each doctoral candidate will be notified in writing of the date and place of the entrance exam.