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Academic Self-Government FIIT STU in Bratislava

prof. Ing. Ivan Kotuliak, PhD.
Dean of FIIT STU

Ing. Lukáš Šoltés, PhD.
Vice-Dean for Studies and Student Care

Ing. Katarína Jelemenská, PhD.
Vice-Dean for Studies, Abroad, Mobility

doc. Ing. Valentino Vranić, PhD.
Dean's Advisor for Science and Research

prof. Ing. Pavel Čičák, PhD.
Dean's Advisor for Innovation and Practice; Head of Further education center

Dr. Ing. Michal Ries
Dean's Advisor for Strategic Projects and Development

Ing. Ľubica Palatinusová
Deputy of FIIT STU

Ing. Ján Lang, PhD.
Chairman of Academic senate of FIIT STU

Ing. Peter Bakónyi
Chairman of the student part of Academic senate of FIIT STU

doc. Ing. Valentino Vranić, PhD.
Director of Institute of Informatics, Information Systems and Software Engineering

Ing. Roman Stovíček, CSc.
Head of Centre of computing and communication cervices; in charge of the Technical and Operational Department

PaedDr. Pavol Baťalík
Head of Centre of information and library services

RNDr. Marta Gnipová
Head of Council of employee