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Cooperation with industry is oriented towards training and consultation activities and educational cooperation.



Training and Consultation Activities

    FIIT STU has been very successful in training and consultations in cooperation with the companies Cisco System Slovakia Ltd., Microsoft Slovakia Ltd. and GTEC Ltd. In cooperation with Cisco Systems the Faculty has been integrated into the worldwide academy programme oriented to training in network technologies. Nowadays FIIT STU Regional Networking Academy offers a full 4-semester programmes CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Professional). Two instructors of our RCNA were trained in Birmingham thanks to remarkable support of the company Tronet Ltd. and DITEC Ltd. Except above-mentioned programmes FIIT STU offers programmes for IP Telephony, WiFi Communication, Network Security and other special courses.

    In co-operation with GTEC Common Training and Consultation Centre (CTCC) was established. The main purpose of this centre is to offer technical training for the non-academy sphere. There are two special Networks technology Laboratories in this CTCC.


Educational Cooperation

    In the field of education and other activities the Faculty has been cooperating with important Slovak companies for many years. Academy training programmes were developed thanks to the support of cooperation with Tronet Ltd., BGS Ltd., DITEC Ltd., DATALAN Ltd., ASSET Ltd., HP Slovakia Ltd.

    Other remarkable support the Faculty has obtained in cooperation with IBM Slovakia, Microsoft Slovakia, SUN Microsystems, SIEMENS and ORACLE. Cooperation with the above-mentioned companies is based on special agreements.