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Institutes and workplaces

The Centre for Computing and Communication Services at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies provides the following services for educational and research purposes at FIIT STU:

  • functioning of the Faculty computer network,
  • new computers, printers, scanners etc. installation,
  • operation systems and specialized software installation,
  • upgrading and maintenance of computers,
  • services for students wire and wireless access points to the Internet,
  • functioning of the camera security system,
  • data projectors installation.

The Faculty computer network is based on a structured cable system and it is using 100 Mbps transfer speed. It consists of approximately 80 personal computers of the faculty staff and PhD students, 100 personal computers and workstations in the education and research laboratories and 10 specialized servers.

The Centre for Computing and Communication Services also provides full service for educational computer laboratories and full or partial service for research laboratories of the institutes.

  • Staff (slovak language)