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A graduate of the bachelor´s degree program in Informatics

  • Acquires university education of the first degree (bachelor) in the field of Software systems and Software processes.

  • Will have knowledge of the theoretical basics of general informatics, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, analysis and drafting of software systems and their management, architecture and organisation of computer systems and networks.

  • Will be able to analyze, draft, implement, verify, review software systems; effectively implement and maintain computer and software systems; effectively work as a member of a development team; use the principles of effective work with information of various kind and from various sources; work with tools used in drafting, construction and documentation of software.

  • Will also understand social, moral, legal and economical context of his profession.

  • Will be ready to continue his/her studies at Master’s degree in the field of Informatics, or other related fields, or will be able to entry into the labor market immediately.

  • Will assert himself/herself in various kinds of business and organisations, that use methods and means of Informatics and Information technologies.

A graduate of this study program can work with standard tools of informatics and information technologies, such as programming languages (Assembler, C, C++, Java); operating systems (UNIX, Windows); office suites (Microsoft Office); database systems (Oracle, MS Access); CASE tools (Rational Rose), systems engineering and design of web applications.