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Institutes and workplaces

The Institute of Computer Engineering and Applied Informatics (UPAI) offers education for two bachelor degree programs:

  • Internet Technologies
  • Information Security

It also offers one doctoral degree program:

  • Applied Informatics

It covers wide range of courses in the field of Computer and Communication Systems and Networks, Information Security and Security of Computer Systems, Architecture of Computer Systems, Design of Numeric Systems, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. The Institute administrates many scientific, research and educational laboratories such as:

  • Laboratory of Network Technologies;
  • Laboratory of Embedded Systems;
  • Laboratory of the Design of Circuits VLSI;
  • Laboratory of Parallel Computer Systems (CUSTU-PARLAB);
  • Laboratory of Mobile Computing;
  • Laboratory of Grid Computing;
  • Laboratory of Computer Graphics and Vision;
  • Laboratory of Computer Graphics, Vision and Interaction (University Science Park);
  • Siemens Research Laboratory;
  • Laboratory of Eset Research Center.

The main mission of UPAI is to develop and organize education and scientific and research activities in the fields of Computer Engineering and Applied Informatics and their related study disciplines.



Institute of Computer Engineering and Applied Informatics
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Ilkovičova 2
SK-84216 Bratislava

tel.: +421 918 687 983

e-mail: sekretariat[at]upai.fiit.stuba.sk