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Pozývame vás na stretnutie so svetovou špičkou
v oblasti webových technológií a webového inžinierstva
v rámci študentskej vedeckej konferencie IIT.SRC 2010


The Emergence of Web Science

(Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,
Scientific Computing and Computing Services, Stanford, California, USA)

21. apríl 2010 o 9:00

poslucháreň BC 300
(prízemie medzi blokmi B a C)



For almost two decades the World Wide Web has been largely described in terms of the technologies, infrastructure, processes, and methods that define it and the applications it supports. In contrast, the emerging discipline of Web Science seeks to understand the phenomenon that is the Web as an independent entity and the ecology in which it exists. In addition, Web Science explores the roles and the impact that the Web has had and will continue to have in the 21st century. Despite the widespread support that Web Science has received, there still remain doubts as to whether it is a legitimate research discipline. These doubts center on the ability to apply the rigor typically associated with science and engineering, and the mechanisms suggested for involving non-technical disciplines in a broad research framework. We can only hope that once such doubts are addressed, studies in Web Science will help us to understand how the technology might evolve and the factors that might be involved in that evolution and how we can be prepared for future Web applications.

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