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Criteria for allocation of accommodation

You can find current information about accommodation in the STU accommodation system.

Accommodation Commission of FIIT STU

The Commission is composed of students and staff of the FIIT STU. Member of the commission are:

Ing. Lukáš Šoltés, PhD.

Sabina Szabová – undergraduate student
Bc. Michaela Kolesíková – graduate student
Ing. Jaroslav Erdelyi – postgraduate student
Mgr. Zuzana Tekulová – Study department

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you will find frequently asked questions about accommodation. General and other frequently asked questions you will find here.

Why didn’t I get accommodation when I am far away?

The accommodation housing list is based on the points reached in the admissions process. The distance from the place of residence is not taken into account.

When is the accommodation allocated to me?

Accommodations are allocated on a continuous basis according to the availability of dormitory capacity by the end of September, according to the housing list based on the points reached in the admissions process. Most accommodation capacity is allocated at the beginning of August.

What should I do when I did not get accommodation?

You have to find accommodation by yourself. You can try to address others accommodation facilities (e.g. a list of secondary school homes is available directly on the FIIT website).

I have submitted an application for accommodation but can’t book a room.

It is necessary to wait until the application for accommodation is approved and then book the room.

I was in the accommodation waiting list on the x place and I drop below, why?

The shift in the accommodation waiting list is due to the way in which applicants are continuously handing in their applications. If they received more points than you in the admission process, they were ranked in the accommodation waiting list before you. The date of application is not taken in the account.

I did not meet the maturity day of accommodation payment so I lost the opportunity to stay in the student home, what should I do?

Unfortunately, in this case, it is impossible to do anything, neither from your nor from our side. If the payment is not credited to the account at the specified date, the system discards the applicant from the housing list. It is not possible to return the rejected applicant to the housing list. The applicants were reminded of this fact.

I would like to stay in the room with my friend, but we were approved with different rooms. Can I do something about it?

Send an email to Ms. Vrecíková, daria.vrecikova[at]stuba.sk (student home Mladosť), that you ask for change of the room.

What are other accommodation possibilities in Bratislava?

If you are a FIIT student, you need an accommodation in Bratislava or nearby and your application for accommodation in university student home wasn’t approved? You can use these offers:

  • Student home of Secondary automotive vocational school
    2 bedded rooms with toilet and shower
    address: Saratovská 26, Bratislava - Dúbravka
    phone: +421 2 643 61 049
    e-mail: skola[at]sosaba.sk
  • Student home of Secondary vocational school
    2 bedded rooms + internet
    address: Na pántoch 9, Bratislava - Rača
    phone: +421 2 494 91 333, +421 905 628 914
    e-mail: sekretariat[at]sovo-panty.sk
  • Student home of Secondary chemical vocational school
    40 beds are in the offer
    address: Račianska 80, Bratislava
    phone: +421 2 444 58 317
    e-mail: zemanova[at]sosch.sk
  • Boarding house Plus
    2 bedded rooms with wash dish, shared men's and shared ladies' showers and toilets on each floor + WIFI
    address: Bulharská 72, Bratislava - Trnávka
    phone: +421 2 482 31 920 (921), +421 903 215 100, +421 903 796 828
    e-mail: travel[at]hotely-plus.sk
    web site
  • Boarding house - Ivanka pri Dunaji
    1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5- and 6-bedded rooms, fridge in each room, shared toilets, showers, kitchen, laundry; fast train connection
    address: Nádražná 36, Ivanka pri Dunaji
    phone: +421 911 120 183
    e-mail: ubytovanie[at]unitedtrade.sk
    web site

A request for accommodation must be sent by email to those contacts. Be sure to include your contact information in your request or make a phone call.