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Intelligent Information Processing
Richard Filipčík: Dynamic Score as a Mean for Motivation of Students in an Educational System bc.
Matej Kloska: Enhancing Keyword Map Visualisation for Educational Content Management bc.
Lukáš Lenčéš: A New Innovation in the e-Learning Systems: Knowledge Testing with Graphical Input ing.
Michal Dorner: Enhancing MapReduce Using Hash Tables and Optimized Data Exchange ing.
Jozef Gajdoš: Identification of Higher Paraphrasing in Slovak Language ing.
Ondrej Kaššák: Weighted Vector User Model for Movie Recommendation ing.
Matúš Michalko: Information Retrieval and Navigation in Heterogeneous RDF Graph ing.
Marek Šurek: General Language Interface for Adaptable Semantic Search Engine ing.
Peter Šinský: Using Complex Event Processing to Detect Plagiarism ing.
Márius Šajgalík: Exploring Multidimensional Continuous Feature Space to Extract Relevant Words phd.
Jaroslav Loebl: Word Sense Disambiguation Targeting Slovak Language bc.
Lukáš Putala: Search Resources in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks bc.
Peter Truchan: Personalized Expert Food Recommendation System bc.
Eduard Fritscher: Group Recommendation of Multimedia Content ing.
Ivana Bohunická: User's Model Characteristics Relevancy and Weight for User Emotions Identification ing.
Juraj Višňovský: Evaluating Context-aware Recommendation Systems ing.
Zoltán Harsányi: Identifying Author Profiles Using Citation Based Techniques phd.
Web Science and Engineering
Tomáš Brza: Student Motivation in Interactive Online Learning bc.
Terézia Kazičková: Knowledge Sharing by Means of Graph-based Diagrams on Web bc.
Viktória Lovasová: Recommendation Based on Parallel Browsing bc.
Filip Mazán: Presentation of Snippets in Web Summarizers bc.
Ľuboš Demovič: Linking Slovak Entities from Educational Materials with English Dbpedia ing.
Martin Gregor: Facilitating Learning on the Web ing.
Peter Krátky: Patterns in Browsing the Web: Distinguishing Computer Mouse Usage Characteristics phd.
Róbert Móro: Influence of Navigation Leads' Visualization on Digital Libraries Exploration phd.
Jakub Ševcech: User’s Interest Detection through Eye Tracking for Related Document Retrieval phd.
Martin Svrček: Collaborative Enrichment of Learning Content bc.
Ľubomír Vnenk: Activity Context-aware Personalized Search bc.
Michal Chylik: Using Linked Data for Exploratory Search in Digital Libraries inz.
Marek Láni: Crowd-powered Evaluation Exercise inz.
Michal Račko: Automatic Web Content Enrichment Using Parallel Web Browsing inz.
Matúš Tomlein: Method for Novelty Recommendation Using Topic Modelling inz.
Zuzana Ujhelyiová: Method for Navigation in Research Papers with User’s Preferences inz.
Martin Labaj: Users’ Web Browsing Behaviour inside and outside a TEL System phd.
Ivan Srba: Knowledge Acquisition in Community Question Answering phd.
Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Computer Vision
Rudolf Brisuda: Transcription of Piano Music bc.
Filip Mikle, Matej Minárik, Juraj Slavíček, Martin Tamajka: Low-Cost Acquisition of 3D Interior Models for Online Browsing bc.
Štefan Šmihla: Authentication on Smartphone Using Keystroke Dynamics Together with Hardware Sensors bc.
Ján Antala: Beyond Adaptive Web Design ing.
Tomáš Kunka: Object Recognition Using Superpixels and Feature-Based Methods ing.
Michal Lihocký: Evaluating the State of the Board Game from a Still Image ing.
Maroš Urbančok: Smartphone versus Mouse with Keyboard Interaction within Virtual Reality ing.
Martin Geier: Object Recognition Based on a Description of the Superpixels Neighborhood ing.
Marián Kuruc: Hand Gesture-based Language and its Application in a Game ing.
Veronika Olešová: Generating a Saliency Map Using Superpixels bc.
Michal Polko: Light Field Rendering in Web Browsers bc.
Šimon Mikuda: Component for editing text with graphical enhancements ing.
Adam Števko: Securing the last mile of DNS with DNSSEC ing.
Ján Mazag: Image Processing on System-on-Chip Platform ing.
Peter Dulačka: Finding and Utilizing Experts in Crowdsourcing Game ing.
Martin Pavelka: Rational Usage of Information Technologies in our School junior
Miloš Prokop: Device Designed for Handicapped People to Facilitate the Use of Mobile Phones junior
Miroslav Šedivý: Intelligent Content Management System junior
Software Engineering
Pavol Fülöp: Monitoring of process resources usage bc.
Lukáš Markovič: Refactoring Support Using XSLT Transformations bc.
Kamil Burda, Rudolf Grežo, Marek Hasín, Lukáš Kohútka: Therapeutic System for Children with Movement Disorders ing.
Michal Bystrický: Implementing the Control Flow Pointcut in Python ing.
Tomáš Caban: Detection of Developer's Task Context Boundaries in Programming ing.
Martin Konôpka: Identifying Hidden Source Code Dependencies from Developer’s Activity ing.
Juraj Kostolanský: Analysis of source code evolution using abstract syntax tree ing.
Karol Rástočný: Empirical Metadata Maintenance in Source Code Development Process phd.
Ján Greppel: Retaining Use Cases at Source Code Level ing.
Jakub Kříž: Context Metadata Extraction in Programming Domain ing.
Jana Podlucká: Evaluation of Source Code Quality bc.
Michal Bystrický: An Approach to Capturing Intention in Source Code ing.
Michal Granec: Towards Feature-oriented Software Development with Design Features ing.
Matej Škoda: Three-dimensional Visualization of UML Diagrams ing.
Tomáš Zboja: Textual Representation of Data Models in Identity Management ing.
Martin Konôpka: Aspect-oriented Solution to Platform-specific Implementations in Cross-Platform Application Development ing.
Eduard Kuric: Estimation of Programmer's Karma Based on Programming Tasks phd.
Aurel Paulovič Building Distributed Transactional Memory using CRDT phd.
Computer Networks, Computer Systems and Security
Peter Vranec: Performance Comparison of Selective TCP with Modern Variants of the TCP Protocol bc.
Miroslav Babják: GPRS Modem Emulator ing.
Ivana Hucková: Optimization of Data Flow in Service Provider Networks ing.
Lukáš Kohútka: Faster Synthesis of Combinational Logic Based on Multiplexer Trees and Binary Decision Diagrams ing.
Michal Liďák: Power Estimation of System-Level Hardware Model ing.
Ondrej Kachman: System on a DaVinci Platform Designed for Visual Check of Circuit Boards ing.
Peter Balga, Tibor Hirjak, Martin Kalčok, Matúš Križan, Ján Skalný: Application of Software Defined Networking (SDN) in GPRS network ing.
František Kudlačák: Synthesis of Asynchronous Sequential Circuits in High-performance Computing phd.
Ján Laštinec: Estimation of Lithium Cell State-of-Health Using Fuzzy Logic phd.
Marek Galiński: Ensuring QoS in SIP Single Port VoIP networks with MPLS using SLAMCA bc.
Marian Maruniak: A New Multiplexer-based Circuit Synthesis Method Optimized to Multiple Parameters ing.
Jakub Obetko: Dynamic QoS-aware MPLS Traffic Engineering ing.
Juraj Šubín: Efficient Design of Maximal-size Local Bitmap for Repair Algorithms for RAMs ing.
Jozef Filipek: Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks ing.
Valéria Harvanová: Sensor System for Monitoring of Environment Characteristics ing.
Andrej Kincel: Built-in self-repair for a processor multiplier ing.
Dominik Macko: Novel Power Management Unit Design phd.
Miroslav Siebert: A Design-for-Testability Technique for Increasing Path Delay Fault Coverage phd.
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Peter Filípek: Tree Structure Design of Boolean Expressions for Purpose of Genetic Programming bc.
Matúš Pikuliak: Interactive Evolutionary Music Composing bc.
Štefan Kasala: Use of biologically inspired algorithms for DNA assembly ing.
Adrián Kollár: A Comparison of Traditional and Swarm Based Clustering ing.
Šimon Kompas: Characteristics of Small World Networks ing.
Michal Kyžňanský: Crowd Evacuation Simulation in Interior Areas ing.
Martin Plank: Collocation Extraction on the Web ing.
Peter Kubán: DNA assembly: reducing k-mers number, unique k-mers detection and error correction phd.
Juraj Šimek: Random DNA Read Generator ing.
Ondrej Proksa: Discovering Identity Links between Entities on the Semantic Web ing.
Metod Rybár: Evolutionary solution of the game Mastermind bc.
Tomáš Drutarovský: Eye-blink Detection Using Gradient Orientations bc.
Michal Kyžňanský: Biologically Inspired Approaches Used in Clustering ing.
Milan Martinkovič: DNA Fragment Assembly by Using of Mosquito Host Seeking Algorithm ing.
Miroslav Ort: Evolutionary Algorithm to Solve Rubik’s Cube ing.
Filip Pakan: Evolutionary Generation of Error-correcting Codes ing.
Pavol Ružička: Active Learning Support Vector Machines to Detect Dysfluencies of Non-Fluent Speech ing.
Matúš Ujhelyi: Task Scheduling in Distributed Computational System ing.
TP Cup Competition Projects
Gabriela Brndiarová, Ivan Martoš, Andrej Štajer, Matej Štetiar, Erik Šuta, Andrej Valko: Three-dimensional UML ing.
Duško Dogandžić, Dávid Durčák, Ján Handzuš, Patrik Hlaváč, Marek Jakab, Matej Marcoňák, Daniel Soós, Martina Trégerová: Data Visualisation in Augmented Reality ing.
Lukáš Cáder, Martin Dušek, Jaroslav Dzurilla, Roland Gášpár, Martin Londák, Michal Ševčík, Matej Toma: A Mobile Application for Quick Information Retrieval Associated with a Building ing.
Michael Gloger, Tomáš Jánošík, Daniel Kĺč, Šimon Kompas, Rastislav Kostrab, Stanislav Kubica: Automated Acquisition and Standardization of Citations ing.
Rastislav Dobšovič, Marek Grznár, Jozef Harinek, Samuel Molnár, Peter Páleník, Dušan Poizl, Pavol Zbell: Askalot: An Educational Community Question Answering System ing.
Filip Bednárik, Róbert Černý, Marek Lenčéš, Miroslav Molnár, Patrik Štrba, Martin Toma, Miroslav Vojtuš: PINTA.SK - Digital Sweatshop ing.
Michal Juranyi,Ivan Košdy, Jozef Marcin, Tomáš Martinkovič, Matej Noga, Ján Podmajerský, Juraj Rabčan: IDEM - Programmer's Monitor ing.
Jaroslav Bucko, Matej Čársky, Peter Jurkovič, Ján Kebísek, Marián Kuruc, Viktor Maruna, Máté Vangel: EIVA: Efficient Interactive Video Annotation ing.
Dominika Červeňová, Jakub Daráž, Lukáš Gregorovič, Martin Janík, Róbert Kocian, Michal Mészáros, Kristína Mišíková: Gaze Tracking for Usability Testing of Dynamic Web Applications ing.
Ján Onder, Martin Polák, Tomáš Trávniček, Dávid Urbán, Lukáš Zemaník: Application for Funtoro Platform ing.
Peter Hamar, Jakub Mercz, Martin Petluš, Patrik Polatsek, Róbert Sabol, Lukáš Sekerák: Carlos - Car Entertainment System ing.
Zuzana Grešlíková, Matej Chlebana, Tomáš Kepič, Patrik Oriskó, Patrik Samuhel, Michael Scholtz, Július Skrisa: CodeReview: Organizing and Reviewing Software Projects ing.
Ondrej Jurčák, Ján Kalmár, Pavol Pidanič, Juraj Petrík, Martin Tibenský, Juraj Vincúr, Radoslav Zápach: FIIT Grid – Distributed Computing Network ing.