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List of presenters - BLOCK A

Author No. Title Study Level
Roman Slonskyi:   6 Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Optimization Problem Bachelor
Vladimír Svitok:   20 Cognitive Tests Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Bachelor
Sultan Numyalai:   28 Smart Electricity Measurement and Monitoring System Using Blockchain and IoT Bachelor
Matej Groma:   29 Simplified Low-Power Design at the Register-Transfer Level Master
Jakub Perdek:   37 Interactive Presentation of Fake News Detection Bachelor
Peter Sakalík:   42 Interpretability of Neural Network Decisions in Objects and Textures Recognition Bachelor
Juraj Baráth:   47 Finding Hidden Relationships in Software Code Bachelor
Daniel Minárik:   52 IoT Home Monitoring System for the Elderly Bachelor
Bettina Pinkeová:   53 Spammer Detection on Social Networks Bachelor
Matej Horniak:   56 Processing of Medical Data by Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnosis Support Bachelor
Alexander Valach:   1 Optimization of LoRa Devices Communication for Applications in Healthcare Master
František Ďurana:   5 Inspection and Evaluation of 3D Model Reconstruction from 3D Scans in Virtual Reality Master
Zoltán Csengődy:   8 Data analysis and Security Risk Identification in Computer Networks Master
Tomáš Bujna:   10 Blockchain-Based E-Voting System Master
Juraj Lauko:   11 Health State Diagnosis Using Data from Human Monitoring Master
Andrej Fúsek:   12 Mesh Animation Compression using Skinning and Multi-Chart Displacement Texture Master
Nikolas Hamran:   21 Parallelization of Skeleton Extraction from 3D Models and Point Clouds Master
Dávid Pavelka:   25 Inter-Blockchain Communication Master
Martin Stano:   34 Explainable 3D convolutional neural network using GMM encoding Master
Krištof Orlovský:   45 Support for Development of Digital Systems Using Modeling and Visualization Master
Patrik Brandýs:   46 Ensure Protection of Electronic Ticket System During Its Lifecycle Master
Radovan Kohút:   50 Object-Oriented Abstraction Supported by Event Driven Domain Conceptualization Master
Matej Kompanek:   51 De-Anonymization of Neuroimaging Data via Siamese Network Doctoral
Matej Cáder, Andrej Greguš, Oleksij Kholodov, Samuel Kubala, Lukáš Radoský, Michal Zeliska and Krištof Zubricky:   15 AnimArch – Animating the Architecture Master
Miroslav Laco, Daniel Kuľbak and Jana Polláková:   49 Comparative Study on the Egocentric Depth Perception under Various Environment Conditions Doctoral / Master / Bachelor


List of presenters - BLOCK B

Author No. Title Study Level
Marián Hlavačka:   36 Cyber Security – Penetration Testing with Kali Linux High School
Denis Piovarči:   9 Eyes on Roads - Collecting and Managing Data about Roads' Infrastructure Bachelor
Jakub Marinčič:   18 Driver's Drowsiness detection Bachelor
Matej Drha:   22 Identification and Recognition of the Driver's Behavior Bachelor
Karolína Trnovcová and Dominik Dancs:   26 Detecting Credential Leaks Using SMTP Honeypots Bachelor
Mária Rajníková:   41 Detection of Changes in Behavioral Biometric Characteristics in Mobile Devices Bachelor
Jana Polláková:   48 The Impact of Specific Aspects of the Three-Dimensional Environment on Human Visual Attention Bachelor
Patrik Honíšek:   54 Mining Drama Patterns in Dramatic Situations Bachelor
Ján Krčmár:   57 Volumetric Medical Data Processing with Methods of Artificial Intelligence to Support Medical Diagnostics Bachelor
Ondrej Jedinák:   58 Managing Learning Process with Limited Resources Bachelor
Boris Slíž:   4 Simulation of Scanning and Reconstruction of 3D Objects in Virtual Environment Master
Veronika Uhnáková:   14 Optimization of Sport Performance by Monitoring Human Physiological Parameters Master
Peter Pavlík:   16 Explaining Convolutional Neural Network Decisions Using Occlusion Analysis Master
Christian Chodúr:   17 Game Based on Eye Gaze Master
Kitti Nagyová:   19 Prediction and Optimization of Electricity Usage Master
Matej Sojka:   31 News Articles Summarization Using Machine Learning Methods Master
Martin Žák:   32 Automatic Drum Transcription Using Partially Fixed Non-Negative Matrix Factor Deconvolution Master
Roman Hroš:   33 Effective Enumeration of Selected Graph Characteristics Master
Veronika Včelková:   35 Multi-Class Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Utilizing Siamese Neural Networks Master
Viktor Lančarič:   39 Measuring Data Flows and Controlling Them with QFLA in Software Defined NetworksMaster
Daniel Gábriš:   40 Detection and Prevention of Network Attacks in Software-Defined Networks Master
Vladimír Jančok:   44 User Identification and Authentication Enhanced with Behavioral Biometrics Doctoral