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Research group focused on the development of intelligent sensors and communication architectures in the V2X environment and smart transport primarily for the purpose of research in the field of safety systems and related interconnectivity.

In ongoing projects, we focus specifically on the area of connected vehicles and related communication architectures, monitoring the fluidity and especially road safety in line with the European Commission 's vision for Vision Zero - to achieve almost zero fatalities on European roads by 2050.

Automotive Innovation Lab is a joint laboratory of Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU in Bratialava and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in Bratialava.


Research interests

  • Communication architectures for VANET environment
  • Unification of communication protocols for VANET environment
  • Smart sensors
  • ADAS systems
  • V2V, V2I, V2x communication
  • IEEE 802.11 with intelligent transport connection
  • Digital Twin applications
  • 5G Mobile networks, LEO Satellites networks


Keywords: Heterogeneous network management, V2X applications, V2X networking, Smart ADAS, Wireless Networks, 5G, LEO Satellite Internet


Pavel Čičák
e-mail: pavel.cicak[at]
Ivan Kotuliak
e-mail: ivan.kotuliak[at]
His research interests are in digital control systems design, new methods of computer communications, real-time systems, means of hardware (and software) specification, as well as other topics in Computer Engineering. His research orientation includes the performance of communication networks, NGN network architecture, mobile and wireless networks. Recently, he has been focusing on blockchain technologies and their application to common use cases in the online environment.

Peter Truchlý
Associate Professor
e-mail: peter.truchly[at]
Marek Galiński
Assistant Professor
e-mail: marek.galinski[at]
Research group leader
His research interest lies at Software Defined Networking SDN, wireless communication in SDN, blockchain technology, Internet of Things and handover in IEEE 802.11 networks primarily handover optimization in SDN architecture. His research is focused mainly on communication architectures and computer networks in terms of their optimization or security. He is one of the founders of the interfaculty Automotive Innovation Lab STU (FME, FIIT) working on several projects related to autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport.

František Horvát
Assistant Professor
e-mail: frantisek.horvat[at]
Lukáš Šoltés
e-mail: lukas.soltes[at]
specializes in the area of stochastic and deterministic signal processing using appropriate measuring sensors and measurement methods. He evaluates the measured signals by applications created in MATLAB, LabView and C language. In the case of specific sensor requirements, he deals with the construction design and associated production of integrated sensor elements based on Embedded systems. He focuses his research activities on the comfort of passengers in vehicles and their safety while driving.

Matej Janeba
Doctoral Student
e-mail: matej.janeba[at]
Peter Lehoczký
Doctoral Student
e-mail: peter.lehoczky[at]
He focused on the use of artificial intelligence in software-controlled wireless networks. His research activities, deal with the issue of interconnected infrastructure within V2X technology, with the creation and modeling of digital twin road infrastructure and also with the analysis of combined sensory data, thanks to which it is possible to insert traffic signs and cars into the digital twin infrastructure, which do not have the possibility of connection to communication networks. He focused on applications using neural networks and software development in enterprise architecture. His research deals with V2X networks, especially heterogeneous networks in order to ensure reliable communication between low-latency vehicles.

Zuzana Špitálová
Doctoral Student
e-mail: zuzana.spitalova[at]
She is a PhD student at FIIT STU in Bratislava. After graduating from FEI STU in Bratislava in 2013, she worked for several years in the automotive sector on projects related to hardware and software development, which were successfully deployed in today's cars. Due to previous experience, she is currently working on her dissertation dealing with the possibilities of V2X communication.


Research project & grants

  • APVV 2021, VV-F Obligatory scheme for applied research and development
  • APVV-19-0401: Digital twin vehicles with artificial intelligence support for autonomous vehicles
  • APVV-20-0346: Legal and technical aspects of the introduction of autonomous vehicles


Application projects

  • ConColDe - Digital twin based cloud application on advanced collision detection in interconnected V2X environments
  • 5GData - cooperation with Orange, a. s., focused on user testing of 5G network in Bratislava - Petržalka
  • SimRod - interfaculty cooperation within STU in BA with the company Siemens Industry Software - Belgium on the creation of a prototype of an autonomous vehicle
  • avPANEL - internal project under the responsibility of FIIT SUT in BA, the purpose of which is to test the autonomous vehicle avSTUBA

    Cooperations with companies

    • Orange Slovakia
    • SWAN Mobile
    • Siemens Leuven
    • Volkswagen Slovakia
    • Slovakia Ring