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Seminár informačnej bezpečnosti na FIIT STU.

18. októbra 2021 o 17.00 hod.
na platforme Microsoft Teams

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From simple pattern matching to enhanced NetFlow and data-carving functionality. In this 3 hours hands-on workshop, we'll explore all the possibilities and caveats of Suricata - a modern open-source intrusion detection system (IDS).

We'll talk about:
- features and internals of Suricata,
- how to understand, write and manage Suricata rules,
- different ways and kinds of data, you can get from Suricata,
- useful tools and methods, how to store and analyze Suricata logs,
- caveats and possibilities of high-performance data acquisition using Suricata,
- the possibilities of automated Suricata deployment and maintenance.

Target audience: Linux sysadmins, networking, and technically oriented cyber-sec people.



Ján Skalný From assembly to modern languages, Jan has more than 20 years of experience in anything software and networking related.
Previous work includes, but is not limited to: web application / low-level programming (mostly C), SW architecture and network design, Linux and BSD operating systems and administration, reverse engineering, a bit of pen testing, as well as some teaching experience.
Occasionally likes to dabble with embedded systems and other L1 stuff. (Better keep your devices away if he has a soldering iron or a screwdriver in his hands.
Now works as independent security researcher at SK-CERT - Slovakia's national cyber security centre.


Seminár informačnej bezpečnosti na FIIT STU vedú Matej Laš, Martin Mihalovič, Michal Minár, Ing. Šefan Lazový a Ing. Alexander Valach. Garant seminára je doc. Ladislav Hudec.


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