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19. augusta 2021 o 10.00 hod. (štvrtok)
online cez webex (
na predobhajobu dizertačnej práce.

Muhammad Emran, M.Sc.:
Wireless Devices Handover in SDN Based Wi-Fi and LTE Networks

    Software Defined Networking is a technology which provides higher-level management. It deals with the separation of the forwarding and control planes. It is relatively easy to implement SDN in the wired networks but challenging to implement in wireless and cellular networks. In this work we presented the solution to the problems related to connectivity in WLAN/LTE networks using SDN. It is beneficial for mobile vendors to use even heavy multimedia applications. This could become possible by providing network virtualization in the WLAN and LTE networks. For this purpose, we have designed an experimental setup to analyze the performance of HTTP/ICMP protocols using SDN. Furthermore, an SDN based model is also developed to measure the handover delay in Wi-Fi network. This model was further verified too. In addition, we have also presented a framework to introduce SDN in LTE. This study would provide the basis for upcoming unified wireless networks.