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Due to the increasing number of IoT devices and its future estimatations, the question of their reliability and safety, as well as the necessity of their mutual communication is gaining importance. For effective functioning, IoT devices must have sufficient bandwidth (typically slower transmission rates), but extremely energy-efficient. The research infrastructure allows to solve these issues for different platforms, on which the embedded systems for IoT devices are implemented. The aim of research laboratory for the Embedded Systems is to increase the reliability and security of embedded systems, design and testing of embedded systems on various platforms (monolithic processors and microcontrollers, programmable hardware) and with different requirements (with the critical response time, without standard operating system). We also pay special attention to the research of designing energy efficient IoT devices, focusing mainly on the power management of IoT devices, automation of power management and energy efficient mutual communication.

Keywords: Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Increased Reliability, Fault Tolerance, Security, Hard Real-Time Systems, Programmable Hardware, Low-Power Devices


Tibor Krajčovič
Associate Professor
e-mail: tibor.krajcovic[at]
Pavel Čičák
e-mail: pavel_cicak[at]
Research interest lies at embedded systems, based on monolithic processors and one-chip microcomputers, increasing of embedded systems reliability, and real-time embedded systems. Research interest lies at digital control systems design, new methods of computer communications, real-time systems, means of hardware (and software) specification, as well as other topics in Computer Engineering.

Katarína Jelemenská
Assistant Professor
e-mail: katarina.jelemenska[at]
Dominik Macko
Associate Professor
e-mail: dominik.macko[at]
Research interest lies at digital systems specification, design and verification. Research interest lies at digital-systems design automation, system-level specification, power optimization and estimation, and low-power communications connected with the Internet of Things.

Ján Hudec
Assistant Professor
e-mail: jan.hudec[at]
Research interest lies at digital system design, testing and verification, algorithms for functional testing systems on chip (SoC) in the devices of Internet of Things. He has been author and co-author of more than 60 scientific papers.


Selected recent publications

  1. HUDEC, Ján
    Automatic Software-Based Self Test Generation for Embedded Processors.
    IFAC-Papers OnLine, Vol.51, Issue 6, 2018, pp. 125-130. ISSN 2405-8963.
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  10. MACKO, Dominik - JELEMENSKÁ, Katarína - ČIČÁK, Pavel
    Verification of Power-management Specification at Early Stages of Power-constrained Systems Design.
    Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, Vol. 26, No. 8, August 2017, 23pp, ISSN 0218-1266.


Important recent research results and research projects

  1. Intelligent Embedded Systems
  2. Robust MPC for Hybrid Systems (RPHS)
  3. Optimization of low-power design of digital and mixed integrated systems
  4. Manufacturable and Dependable Multicore Architectures at Nanoscale
  5. Methods for the design and verification of digital systems with low power consumption using formal specification languages



  • Digital Design Research Laboratory
  • Digital Systems Design Laboratory
  • Communication Technologies Laboratory
  • Networks Technology Laboratory I + II


Development system on the base of 32-bit RISC processor with FPGA circuit

General view of the Embedded Systems Laboratory


32-bit systems for embedded applications developed in the laboratory