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Sekcia: Computer Systems, Computer Networks and Security
Martin Jánoš: Application of GPS Device as a Tourist Guide
Martin Hrubý and Michal Olšovský: New Approach for Determining a VoIP Backbone
Dominik Macko: Contribution to Visualization of HDL Model Simulation Results
Jakub Breier: Information System Security Assessment Method Based on Security Mechanisms
Miroslav Babiš: NetLogo – an Alternative Way of Simulating Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Štefan Krištofík: Repair Analysis for Embedded Memories Using Block-Based Redundancy Architecture
Katarína Valaliková: Consistency in the Identity Management
Jakub Polák, Tomáš Masaryk and Michal Behúň: Digital Circuit Design and Simulation System Using Gesture Recognition
František Kudlačák: Variometer with GPS logger
Michal Kudlačák: Evolution of Asynchronous Sequential Circuits
Martin Nagy" A Security Threat to IP Devices in Mobile Cellular Networks
Peter Jombík: Wireless Remote Controller for Power Source Based on Embedded System
Matej Hlatký and Valter Martinek: A New Electronic Presentation System for Design and Test
Hana Severínová: Control-flow Checking Using Software Signatures
Michal Bystrický: Automatic Control of Internet Radio*
Pavol Helebrandt: Forensic Tool for Collection of Digital Evidence in Linux Environment*
Jakub Polák: Enviroment for Low-power Optimalization of Multiplexer Trees*
Sekcia: Intelligent Information Processing
Martin Lipták: Using Trainable Duplicate Detection for Automated Public Data Refining
Jakub Šimko: Exploiting of Motivation and Player-Specific Expertises in Image Annotation
Róbert Móro: Personalized Text Summarization
Tomáš Kučečka: Topic Extraction in Text Documents Based on Word Position Analyses
Peter Dulačka: Validation of Music Metadata via Game with a Purpose
Dušan Zeleník: Context Inference Using Correlation in Behaviour
Juraj Višňovský: Association Rules Mining from Context-enriched Server Logs
Ondrej Kaššák: Named Entity Recognition for Slovak and Related Languages
Marek Kišš: Building Domain Model via Game with a Purpose
Anton Benčič: Action Recommendation Based on Situation Rules
Ján Sivuľka: Adaptation of Web Contents Browsed in Mobile Devices
Marek Šurek: An Evaluation of Individual Matching with TRREE Reasoner and SPARQL Based Inference
Pavol Bielik: Using Wi-Fi Mobility Classification on a Mobile Phone for Energy Efficient Activity Tracking
Eduard Kuric: Search in Source Code based on Identifying Popular Fragments
Ivan Janovic and Filip Ogurčák: Email Events: Extracting and Adding to Calendar
Matúš Novotný: Achieving Interoperability among Heterogeneous Data Sources in Cultural Heritage Domain
Tomáš Jendek: Gathering Information On User Environment*
Gabriel Duchoň: Music Melody Retrieval and Analysis*
Michal Račko: Mobile Document Management*
Michal Behúň: Interactive Allocation of Taxi Customers for Taxi Services *
Matúš Michalko: Visual Based Query Construction to RDF Graph
Ondrej Urban: Active Conceptual Modelling of Learning Content*
Vojtech Juhász: Full-text Search in Email Archives Using Social Evaluation, Attached and Linked Resources*
Sekcia: Software Engineering and Computer Science
Alojz Gomola: Aspect-Oriented Solution for Mutual Exclusion in Embedded Systems
Roman Šelmeci: An Approach to Partial Formalization of SOA Design Patterns Using Production Rules
Ladislav Clementis: Appropriate State Evaluation in the Battleship Game Strategy
Jaroslav Prokop: Extending the Method of Schedule Shortening for Schedule Simulation
Matej Lipták: Modelling Aspect-Oriented Design Patterns
Miroslav Hruška: Preprocessor for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Haskell
Peter Palát: Software Evaluation Driven Tool for Mobile Devic*
Lukáš Zboroň: Solution Quality in Context of Web Service Composition*
Sekcia: User Interaction, Computer Graphics, Image Processing
Filip Hlaváček: Multi-Touch Interaction Technique Designed for Three-Dimensional Environmentson the Screens of Mobile Devices
Marek Sobôtka: Image Segmentation Using Methods of Distributed Agents to Obtain Information from Medical Images
Michal Barát: Augmented Reality as an Interface for Learning Solid Geometry
Marek Takáč: Mobile Device as an Intelligent User-Adapting Music Generator
Ján Kvak: Planar Object Recognition for Augmented Reality
Andrej Fogelton: Evaluation of Image Segmentation Based on Histograms
Matej Kompánek: Single Modality Medical Image Registration
Michal Kottman: Performance Evaluation of Feature Descriptors for Visual Vocabulary Based Methods
Sekcia: Web Science and Technologies
Márius Šajgalík: Decentralised User Modelling and Personalisation
Karol Rástočný: Maintenance of Knowledge Tags in Heterogeneous Web Content: The Repository
Milan Lučanský: Acquiring Web Site Metadata by Heterogeneous Information Sources Processing
Ivan Valenčík: Recognition of Semantically Related Articles in Wikipedia
Peter Korenek: Emotion Classification of Microblogs Based on Appraisal Theory
Andrea Šteňová: Feedback Acquisition in Web-based Learning
Peter Kajan: Discovering Keyword Relations
Martin Plank: Tag Recommendation System
Ivan Srba: Encouragement of Collaborative Learning Based on Dynamic Groups
Marcel Kanta: Trend-Aware User Modelling with Location-Aware Trends
Tomáš Uherčík: Acquiring Metadata about Web Content Based on Microblog Analysis
Jakub Kříž: Keyword Extraction Based on Implicit Feedback
Štefan Sabo: Beehive Metaphor Inspired Web Crawler
Jaroslav Michalco and Martin Líška: Using Social Media to Facilitate Face-to-face Meetings
Maroš Unčík: Vizualization of User Model in Educational Domain
Martin Molnár: Identifying Hidden Topics and Their Relations over Time in News Corpus
Martin Gregor: Social Web Search
Ľuboš Demovič, Martin Konôpka, Marek Láni and Matúš Tomlein: Enhancing Web Surfing Experience in Conditions of Slow And Intermittent Internet Connection
Michal Holub: Filtering Long Lists of Web Objects Using Automatically Generated Facets
Michal Kompan: Exploring Group Recommendation for Single-User Recommendation Tasks
Peter Svorada: Modeling a Tutor for E-Learning Support
Tomáš Kramár: Analysing Temporal Dynamics in Search Intent
Martin Labaj: Tracking of Parallel Browsing Behaviour
Sekcia: Projekty súťaže TP Cup
Michal Cádrik, Martin Detko, Matej Mihalik, Igor Slotík, Jakub Ševcech and Ľudovít Mydla: Recommendation as a service
Martin Franta, Martin Gajdoš, Martin Habdák, Róbert Kocian, Petra Vrablecová and Zuzana Zimová: Management of Lightweight Semantic Content for an Adaptive Web-based (Learning) Portal
Roman Burger, Martin Džúr, Peter Meliško and Balázs Nagy: Motivating People to Healthy Lifestyle via Mobile Game
Jozef Lačný, Maroš Maršálek, Pavel Michalko and Ján Súkeník: Plagiarism Detection on the Web
Michal Fornádeľ, Marek Hlaváč, Martin Košický, Lukáš Pavlech, Daniel Petráš, Adam Pomothy: Crowd Simulation
Matej Kvitkovič, Andrej Lezo, Peter Mačuga, Lenka Neslušanová, Marek Račev and Michal Žilinčík: Digital Scene – Kinect Based Gesture Recognizer in a Task of Event Management
Máté Fejes, Ľuboš Gelányi, Ľuboš Masný, Juraj Mäsiar, Adam Mihalik and Dávid Pszota: An Intelligent Game for Smart Phones
Igor Aufricht, Samo Forus, Jozef Kujan, Dušan Poizl, Matej Škoda, Juraj Tóth and Juraj Volentier: Mobile Navigation in Indoor Spaces Using QR Codes
Pavol Bielik, Peter Krátky, Štefan Mitrík and Michal Tomlein: Motivating People to Increase Physical Activity
Peter Ivanec, Jakub Šalmík, Patrik Polakovič, Michal Chylik and Anton Szórád: Knowledge and Skills of Students
Róbert Horváth, Peter Jurčík, Peter Macko, Vladimír Ruman, Peter Sládeček, Maroš Ubreži and Matúš Vacula: Statistical Full Text Machine Translation
Lukáš Turský, Jozef Krajčovič, Maroš Jendrej, Marek Brath, Ľuboš Staráček and Adrián Fejes: TrollEdit – Different Approach in Editing of Source Code Using Graphic Elements

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